3/24/2015 MIKE C Great service
3/24/2015 GEORGE F My computer won't let me take the survey from Google. It denies me access. Sorry
3/14/2015 LISA W They do excellent performance and they're honest. They explain everything so you understand. They give you adetailed print out of everything they do and recommendations. They are very friendly . I would recommend them to anyone.
3/14/2015 LISA W I think they do excellent performance. They're honest and they explain everything to you where you can understand everything. They give you all the information on what they did on your vehicle and recommendations, along with pictures. They are very friendly. I recommend them to anyone.
3/13/2015 BOB L Friendly and efficient.
2/27/2015 MIKE R As a new costumer I was very pleased with the work preformed this is the place I will bring my vehicle for repair
2/18/2015 Anonymous Excellent service. Highly recommended
2/10/2015 CALVIN H Worked very well with my schedule.
2/5/2015 MARC V Thanks Advanced for taking such good care of my Jeep. We have done necessary work to the front end including shruts, lower control bushings , sway bar bushings, and I still had an annoying noise in the front of vehicle. You took it for a ride, identified the problem and fixed it a no cost! I am very grateful and will continue to servicey jeep with you guys. Your the best! Ps you too Trav ! Lol
1/31/2015 Anonymous very good service & customer
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