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11/15/2014 Anonymous Always a great experience, they always do everything they can for me.
11/15/2014 JOHN D 2001 Accord V6 LX w/ 203000 miles and going strong... I trust Luke and all at Advanced with keeping my dream car running and running and running. Over the years we have worked together to keep this car dependable. Time for my second timing belt/water pump etc... I knew this would be an investment to keep the car for at least another 50k so I would not take it anywhere else. True to form as the work progressed I was kept informed of what was found and given the choice to replace/repair or not. Work done, no surprises and I am confident the work is guaranteed if anything goes off (HIGHLY unlikely).Thanks guys, you make my decisions easy.
11/4/2014 LILLIAN B Professional, Courteous, Trustworthy......what more could you want.
10/26/2014 ALLICIA C As always, excellent service.
10/25/2014 JENNIFER C Always helpful & professional. I love that they take the time to educate me about how my car works as well.
10/23/2014 JIM H Another successful service by a professional team.
10/18/2014 LINDA G Excellent service!! Thank you.
10/1/2014 GEORGE F My experience was great. I especially like the pics included with my service report.
9/22/2014 JIM H five stars again!
9/21/2014 Anonymous Excellent service and attitude. I especially like the photos of faults that they recommend for repair.
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